Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Fallout refresher

all who know me know that this is my all time favorite fic/story... ever.
i know people are reluctant to start reading it because of the dark theme, but i assure you all, there are plenty of little rays of sunshine throughout.
i'm not, at this point, going to post a big long review/rec of this fic here because i'm getting pretty damn frustrated with blogger (grr-face). but if you want to ping me or PM/DM/email/@ (i'm such an internet whore)me to discuss it with you, i'd love that.
anyway, all i'm doing right now is posting the message i just sent out to the members of The Fallout Facebook group. this is for everyone though:

our poor page has been pretty quiet lately so i thought i'd come stir things up a bit, make sure everyone still awake and ready.
i've talked to quite a few people lately who say they are waiting 'til The Fallout is complete before they start reading it because they just can't handle the emo factor.
we all survived, right?
*insert creepy vincent price gesture here*
anyway, i know you're all skimming this message and probably not really reading it at all unless you see bold text that says
*looks around* did that work? are you all with me now?
okay, good.
well, no actual word on a date. i do know our dear OCD was pink penning it yesterday though and she insists that she'll be creeping up on us like some prophetic plague and smacking us upside the head with it when we least expect it. so here's what i want to do...
it's been a while since we've read this, yes? and some of us can make it through another round now that we KNOW there's a silver lining, so, as you may already know, batgirl and i will be doing a little re-read / hand-holding session this weekend to refresh, prepare, and hopefully pull in a few more readers who were reluctant to start it pre-[CENSORED FOR SPOILER REASONS].
you can join us on twitter (batgirl8968 and venis_envy) and start from any point in the story you'd like. if you want to go all the way back to the beginning, i'll be there with a bottle of prozac in hand. or maybe you just want to refresh on the last few chapters? that's okay, too.
lets help new readers get interested in this fantastic fic by just tweeting a simple comment or quote here and there throughout the weekend with the hashtag #BSK
thanks so much Fallout followers. hope you'll all join us.
OH! and if you don't have a twitter, no worries, we'll be starting a discussion here in the FB group as well <3