Saturday, February 27, 2010

If confusion is the first step to knowledge, I must be a genius

Vodka and i are having a lovely evening with my RL bestie, shooting the shit, talking about our favorite fics and our impending trip to vegas.
Seems everyone has a blog now, so ::thump:: (that's the sound of me jumping on the bandwagon). i'm not really sure why i need one myself. i do post on LJ once in a while, but i'm hoping to reserve that one for my story since the blog name is already Pisces Reverie. i want a place for incoherant rambling, fic recs/"reviews" of sorts, and whatever else may tickle me at the moment.
Getting personal:
Weird. That's how my friends parents used to describe me growing up. And they were right. i am weird. Comparatively anyway. i have... issues. i guess normal people call them "quirks" though. Every time i use salt, i have to toss a pinch over my right shoulder, my shirts have to color-coordinate with the hangers on which they are hung, i refuse to capitalize "I" when typing as myself (meaning not in my stories) because i don't feel like i'm more significant than anything else, so why should i? MS Word and my Blakberry do it for me against my will though.
i'm a single mom/homeowner/student who holds a FT job to support my family. i have piercings and tattoos. My hair has usually got some bright color of the rainbow in it (this months flavor is blue). And yes, i assure you, people do judge me for this. But that's okay. i know who i am, and that's all that matters.
This is the part where i could get really personal and blog my life story, but even i don't want to read that shit, so here's a list of random, useless information about me instead:
i love my boys and my incredible friends. i love traveling, though i've never really been too far from home. Trees, the smell of almond oil and rain (not necessarily together), the sound of the ocean, faeries (and yes, i do actually spell it that way), reading, music, rivers, darkness... and light (guess that depends on my mood), Twi-fic and all things Rob, #TeamThreesome (watch for possible separate blog for that topic), taking pictures, sneezing, hugs, my dog, summer and campfires and, of course, intelligent conversation.
i don't like the cold. i hate hypocrites, shoes, belligerent drunks, bell pepper, underdeveloped chiken fetuses (aka: eggs), those chunks of fruit at the bottom of yogurt cups, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (but i'm willing to give that one another try since i love my vamp kiwi sfm), closed-minded people, blue M&M's (i voted for purple), spiders, the lady who delivers mail in my neighborhood (aka: "the mail bitch"), and finally, even though i'm from the Bay Area and every fiber of my being screams in agony when i'm too far from the ocean, i'm absolutely terrified of the water... or rather, what's in the water... cause let's face it, everything in there can out swim me.
So there you have it. That's me. Sort of. This blog post is pretty much the epitome of asinine, but i promise they'll get better.